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Trademark Services

Krivoshik LLC has expertise in the practice of trademark law, including trademark issues unique to the Internet.


Unlike patents, trademarks do not expire if they are properly used and periodically renewed. That makes them a very valuable addition to your marketing arsenal. You can use distinctive words, phrases, or designs to put a picket fence around your marketing platform and keep competitors out. The law does not require the use of trademarks, but taking advantage of them is a smart way for entrepreneurs to leveraging intellectual property into an asset with licensing potential.


The firm is experienced in all aspects of counseling clients and documenting transactions regarding the protection, enforcement, licensing and acquisition of intellectual property rights for business conducted via the Internet, including trademark and domain name disputes. The firm is flexible in its approach, being equally comfortable searching by use of electronic databases, by use of traditional search reports issued by the well-known Trademark search firms, and extremely unique internet searches.


Typically it takes five business days to produce a search report, but, if necessary, it can be provided quicker and even with same-day service. The firm makes a strong effort to give practical advice that goes beyond the scope of the advice that is typically associated with a clearance and registration opinion, providing you with a critical business sense.


Our skills however, extend well beyond searching and registration, having counseled parties in various types of trademark ownership disputes, including disputes over Internet domain names including subsequent domain name transfers.  In the Trademark Office, where the issue to be decided is registration, we have handled oppositions and cancellation proceedings.


The firm is supported by excellent state-of-the-art equipment & maintain our trademark registration records in digital & paper files.


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