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Intellectual Property Audits, Evaluations &

Trade Secret Protection Services

Krivoshik LLC knows that Intellectual Property assets are increasingly important to your business.  For e‑commerce and digital service content companies, Intellectual Property is usually their primary asset.  The firm provides a full range of evaluative services, such as intellectual property audits, asset evaluations as part of due diligence consideration, validity studies, right-to-use evaluations and assessments of appropriate licensing rights and potential pitfalls. Many of these services are useful when evaluating the risks and potential rewards of starting a new business or expanding an existing business.


Intellectual property is more than just patents.  Identifying intellectual property assets that require protection is another of the services Krivoshik LLC offers.  The firm has help companies determine whether they are taking the appropriate steps to protect their intellectual property assets and identify the intellectual property they should protect. 


The firm also advises companies regarding the forms of protection they need and how they can put procedures into place to maximize that protection.  For example, some intellectual property is best protected as a trade secret, rather than as a patent, while other types of intellectual property can be protected by both.  At the conclusion of an intellectual property audit, you are provided with advise on employment agreements, non‑disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements and employee policies and procedures which are designed to help protect intellectual property.


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