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image007In the continuously shifting changing world of Intellectual Property Law, with the current tough financial business environment, more than ever, you need to find the path best suited for your business needs before your Intellectual Property assets vanish along with your profits.


Krivoshik LLC offers over two decades of extensive experience in Intellectual Property Law including all aspects of Patents, Copyrights, Digital Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Internet Law and Trademark Law.


Blending Intellectual Property Law with over a decade of Professional Engineering experience & Computer System Integration experience, matched with Krivoshik LLCís high office efficiencies, provides you with an innovative basic business sense to assist in making decisions about Intellectual Property.


Intellectual Property Law is the firmís only focus with extensive technical expertise in all aspects of electronic, electrical, communication, computer systems, software, Internet, biomedical instrumentation, optical and mechanical devices as well as all aspects of Digital Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law and Trademark Law.


Registered US Patent Attorney services located in the US (never out sourced off shore Ė never out sourced anywhere).










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