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e-Commerce & Digital Intellectual Property Services

Krivoshik LLC is well versed in the field of e-Commerce & Digital Intellectual Property as a result of the representation of publishers, computer software developers, Internet web site developers, web site owners, artists, individual authors & inventors. 

The firm provides Intellectual Property web site audits as well as handles the copyright issues for a variety of media, including literary and musical works, unpublished works, Trade Secret works and computer programs.

Because of our solid technology and engineering background, we are particularly well suited to attack and solve e‑Commerce related, copyright matters arising in the context of trade secrets, computer software and digital copyright issues. 


Krivoshik LLC has handled virtually every kind of transition involving e-commerce, copyright and patent transactions, including due diligence investigations.


Please contact Krivoshik LLC at to discuss your e-Commerce & Digital Intellectual Property issues.
























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